OpenCycleMap in ArcMap Desktop

09-12-2014 01:37 PM
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Hi all,

I am really new to ArcMap Desktop and GIS in general so please excuse my ignorance.

It looks like that from File: Add Data: Add BaseMap, you can't add OpenCycleMap which contains Contour Lines and SRTM only OpenStreetMap.

SRTM - OpenStreetMap Wiki has a link to converted contour lines calculated from SRTM data to OSM  Index of /SRTM/srtm_as_osm

which I want to overlay on the OpenStreetMap BaseMap to create the equivalent of the OpenCycleMap.

Is this the right way of doing it?

I downloaded the relevant OSM files but I am having trouble loading it in ArcMap.

In Catalog: OpenStreetMapsToolbox:  I clicked "Load OSM File" but I don't know how to set the "Target Feature Dataset".

Where is the .gdb file located? Do I need to set up a "Database Connection"??


Many thanks!!

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without checking them myself did you check out the links to OpenCycleMap by querying this site?

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