Open Date - Caching a CSV - Date fields that are blank/or Null filled with a value 1-1-1970?

10-29-2020 10:00 PM
by Anonymous User
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We see a pattern with date fields and the cached CSV files at our open data site.

The issue is with blank and Null date fields being populated in CSV cached file.

For example - this service has BSL_FNL_ACPTNC_DATE - 'Final Acceptance Date.'

Data page sorted by date(to show blank values) - DWW Swales 

I attached a file from the cached CSV file > 

In BSL_FNL_ACPTNC_DATE field in the downloaded CSV - we now see values created for our Null values  '1970/01/01 00:00:00+00'

Has anyone seen this behavior - as it has caused noticeable issues with datasets that a local paper uses, and just in general, this behavior is not what we expect or desire?

Thank You

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by Anonymous User
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We work with ESRI in our case please refer to this  BUG-000136293 - especially consider if Oracle is in your stack, you note it is UNIX time - Epoch time

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