Open Data V2 Site private not respected

06-14-2017 01:42 AM
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I just upgraded our Open Data Site to V2 with a new name. I want to keep it private until the adjustments are finalised.

Just out of curiosity I tried to access it with my phone, and even without being logged in to agol/opendata, the site is fully loaded.

So I tried the same on Desktop with a new browser, the site shows up as well.

That's not what I expect for a site being private... Or does "private" simply mean something like "accessible when knowing the link"?

Thank you.

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Hi Annina, 

Is your site set to either "Share with Team" or "Share with Organization"? If so, your site should only be accessible to those who are signed in to your org and have the link. The link should not be publicly accessible. 

If you have set it to either of those sharing settings and you still can observe it without being signed in, can you please send me the link? (over email is fine if you'd rather not write it publicly) 


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Thank you, Courtney, for your prompt reply.

I do not have the same icons you do, for me it looks like this:

I get this, when I log in into "" as Open Data Admin. I have upgraded my site from V1.

I'll send you the link by e-mail.



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