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Open Data "smart mapping" questions

04-22-2015 11:34 AM
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I saw the blog post from last month about Open Data now supporting smart mapping capabilities. According to that post, this ability was to be rolled out to customers 'in a few weeks'-- has that happened or have there not been enough weeks yet? I explored this on the general open data site and saw the 'visualize' in action. But I would really appreciate having this function on my own Open Data site.

I encountered an unexpected issue, in the fact that not all fields were shown as available to visualize. Is that intentional or perhaps a bug? The only reference to smart mapping I could find comes on the consumer side documentation. The notes on the type of symbolization do not seem to explain why certain fields are not available. The fields appear in the description and table tabs but not in the list of fields by which to visualize.

Anyone else explore this yet?

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Hi C E, we'll be turning on Smart Mapping very soon. We decided to wait to release these features, and a couple others just as soon as we give you the ability to turn them off! That's coming up in our next major release.

We can't "smap" all the fields in every dataset. We may not be able to perform statistics on them or they may have too many unique values. But you're absolutely right that this in unclear. We'll work on making that better.


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Hi, did this get implemented? I can't find any doc on it (Manage site capabilities—ArcGIS Hub | ArcGIS ). I've come across some OpenData sites that have SmartMapping when looking at the data page. However I don't have it as an option in the Capabilities section when administering my OpenData site, nor do I see it for my datasets.


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