Open Data Homepage not showing Data Listing.

06-02-2015 06:27 PM
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I have been trying the past 2 days. Have gone and Shared the feature service TO MY SPECIFIED open data GROUP.  And still not updating it!!!

With the Widget Editor I choose  data listing and specify the maximum number of items to show (in this case 9) and still not automatically syncing is this a BUG of ARCGIS open data



City County Honolullu

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Hrm - that doesn't sound good.

Can you share the URL of the current site where you're not seeing any datasets show up? That would help identify what the potential problem is.

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Aloha Andrew

Our City and County of Honolulu Open Geospatial Data website (OPEN DATA Website) at

Notice in the middle area the Widget for Featured Downloadable Data  I am wanting to put 9 total. But the Widget options freeze or hang. I have tried on all browsers and still same. Also tried to remove group then re add it the group. Still does not change. 

Any assistance would be most helpful

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