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10-03-2019 10:20 AM
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I believe we are having a similar problem that others have posted about before Esri communities, however, I cannot figure out how to fix the problem from previous posts. We published a dataset on our Open Data site for users to access, however, users are having issues downloading it. When I tried to download it from the Open Data site, the 'My Activity' tab showed 0% for a long time, and then I received a message that said, "An error occurred while processing this dataset". What is causing this error and how can we fix it? 

Here is the dataset:

Dataset | USDA Food and Nutrition Service: Summer Food Service and Child and Adult Care Program Open...

Thank you! 

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Since when the issue is faced? If you could never download the data from this open data dataset then there might be issue of large datase as this has more than 200,000 features and it is a polygon (Just a speculation). Try refreshing download cache (Manual Reset). Let me know if that works, we can take it from there.

Hope that helps!

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