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Open Data Displaying Odd Layers

10-11-2017 02:02 PM
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We have setup an Open Data site with the hopes of using this site for disseminating our data to public consumers, communities within our County, and private entities would have the need for GIS data.

Setting up the site was pretty straight forward and from what I can tell, Open Data should return the feature layers or items that are within the groups designated for Open Data, of which, we have two such groups, one for amassing open feature layers and one for amassing packaged zip files.

Using the site is also pretty straight forward but I have found that our Open Data site returns results that are not expected, and are often times confusing.  For example, we have 2 parcel feature layers; one is simply the parcel geometry with no attribute information (Parcel), while the other includes attribute information (Parcel Ownership).  If I do a search for 'parcels' on our Open Data site, I would expect to have two returned parcel layers, each of the ones I just listed.  However, I see 6 items with the layer name of Parcel or Parcel Ownership, shown below.  To make things more confusing, the descriptions of these layers seem to mix and match what layer is actually referenced, some are parcels, some are easements.

If I look at the group we use for sharing feature layers used for Open Data, and search for 'parcels', I get 2 parcel results, as expected...which makes me wonder why Open Data is returning so many layers???

Any ideas, insights, suggestions, etc... would be greatly appreciated.

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Thought I would follow-up on this...

It was determined and later re-produced by Esri that if you add a feature layer to a web map using a Feature Service (FeatureServer) and then share that layer to Open Data, the entire service layers would get indexed, not just the individual layer.

If I added a map service layer to a web map and did the same workflow, it behaved as expected where only the one individual layer was indexed and shared with Open Data, not the entire service layers.

If I added a feature service layer as an item, it would behave as expected.  There seems to be some sort of bug if the layer is added from a feature service (FeatureServer) through a web map.

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