Noob Arcgis Hub question, really basic..

07-17-2019 01:53 PM
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I really like the looks of the random state and county open data websites that I have seen recently, and after looking at how easier they appear to be created it is amazing.

I do have a few questions though and the first one is, can arcgis hub and open data be used to create a private website to share interoffice data that we don't want/can't make public?

If arcgis hub and open data can't be made private is there another ESRI product that gives very similar results in that it makes a webpage that users can search for data in various formats and the sites be created as easily as it appears the state and county open data sites are?

Assuming that opendata and the hub or another arcgis product can make these data searchable websites for me, can these ESRI products search within the contents of .doc, .xls or PDF files, or is this just not possible at all by ESRI?

Finally does the hub or other possibly suggested ESRI products allow storage of AutoCAD .DWG files?

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Hello Jonathan!

You can configure your site to enable private item views.

Documentation: Enable Private Item Views

Also, see: Supported Item Types

Hope this helps!

- Rachel