Migrating Open Data Site

04-19-2017 04:15 PM
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This is the description of what happens with my Open Data Site:

1. I created a Open Data Site with an ArcGIS Online account (AGOL1) with the lastest version of open data.
2. Later, the AGOL1 information was copy to a new ArcGIS Online account (AGOL2), including the Open Data app.
3. AGOL2 had to keep de URL of AGOL1, in order to do this, URL's AGOL1 changed.
4. Indeed, Open Data app was copied in the AGOL2, however is not possible configure the portal. We can visualize it but not manage.

5. Furthermore, I tried to create a site completly new, but an error occurred. 

I wonder if anybody have information about how should I migrate a Open Data Site?

I tried with the ago-assistant (https://ago-assistant.esri.com/), but doesn't totally work. I supposed the reason is because the ago-assistant tool only copy de app without its group configuration. Then isn't possible manage the Open Data portal and its present some drawbacks with the services source.  

I hope anybody can help me with this issue.  

Thanks a lot.

Laura G.

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