Map Visualization in ArcGIS Hub

10-24-2018 01:13 PM
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Hi I would like to click in one of the fields of my dataset and get the thematic map related to that field. In my dataset though I don't see the Map Visualization icon as it shows below. 

So I checked this info in ESRI website: 

>> In order to do this, you need to create a smart map visualization. The steps are as follows:

  1. Ensure that the dataset you want to visualize is zoomed in far enough to display all the features on the map.
  2. In the attributes list, click on an attribute that has a map visualization icon.
  3. A legend will appear at the top right of the map.
  • Whole number values will be visualized with choropleth symbolization.
  • Decimal number values will be visualized with graduated symbolization.
  • Text values will be visualized with choropleth symbolization.
  • Values from datasets on older versions of ArcGIS Server may not be smart mapped.

Please note that map visualizations are limited to fields that have 20 or fewer unique values. 

I tried to follow these steps, even by modifying some of my data so I could have at least in my interested field less than 20 unique values and I didn't get any result.

But please check this link: 

Most of the fields in this dataset have more than 20 unique values, and still able to use Map Visualization.

Any recommendation please?

Thank you!


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