Looking for an easy way to separate Taiwan and Hong Kong from China on a simple countries shapefile.

06-30-2019 08:26 PM
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Hello. I'm a beginner ArcMap user so this is probably a stupid question... any help much appreciated.

I'm looking for a way to separate Hong Kong and Taiwan from China in a Generalized Country Borders shapefile. They all occur under the one entry 'China', for obvious reasons.

I downloaded a separate shapefile for Hong Kong and attempted to join it to the Generalized Country Borders shapefile by first using it to essentially erase a space for itself and then use the Union tool to join the layers together. This kind of worked, but the results were messy. I wasn't able to find an appropriate shapefile for Taiwan. 

I get the feeling that I'm way off track here.. Can anyone please help me?  

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Thanks, Stephen!

I think you're probably right.. I think I can't do it on this file, though - it looks to be locked.  

It seems to allow some editing, but won't allow the explode tool to be used on it. 

I'll try to find an unlocked file I can explode. 

Thanks so much for your help!

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