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10-19-2021 07:09 AM
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I want to use the Limit Usage feature for a FS running on a dashboard which in turn is hosted in a Hub. I want the content of the FS to be publicly visible via the Dashboard/Hub but I don’t want the underlying FS to be exposed.

Using the described workflow below I have the configuration working properly.

I have managed to apply the workflow and limit access to the FS while running in a standalone Dashboard and also in a standalone Web App. When I try to view the same dashboard embedded in a Hub page, I am prompted for credentials.  I have added all of the relevant urls added to the FS (I think), so I wonder am I missing a step, or is this feature not supported in Hub?


Any pointers on this I would be very grateful.

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@EoghanMcCarthy1 this is a limitation of Web Mapping Applications running an older version of the JSAPI. They aren't able to have the user's token passed down to them when embedded (any site, including Hub Sites), causing the authentication dialog to appear in the embedded app. The standing recommendation is to use Experience Builder which has most of the functionality of the Web App Builder while running current versions of the JSAPI.

Let me know if I misunderstood your question.

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