Jump links (or hovers?) for embedded apps in Hub pages

02-14-2022 03:14 PM
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Hi there,

I have a dashboard embedded in a Hub page. I'd like to add a question mark/info button next to each widget heading (ie. adding this to the General > Title section of each widget). I'd then like the user to be able to click on this button for more information (even a hover would work). 

However, when I add a jump link on the Hub page (eg. <div id="section1">) and create the corresponding a tag reference around the button (<a href="https://url#section1">), then it opens the page in a new tab and then jumps to the link. Is there any way to "force" it to stay on the same Hub page? I've tried all the target options and haven't yet had any luck. I've also tried to add some CSS to the General > Title section of the widget to create hover behavior and also no luck...

Thoughts welcome! 

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