JSON Start Learning and Chart Questions

07-05-2020 07:39 PM
by Anonymous User
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Hi,  This looks to be a fantastic option to customize charts in Hub.  However, I'm not familiar with JSON charts and have a lot of learning to do.  The documentation leads me to charting in NPM.  However, the JSON in the Hub charts appears to be different. Am I not understanding.  Where is the best place to get started to learn how to customize the charts using JSON in Hub?

I'm am looking to create two custom charts using COVID data. I'm sure you all have seen the many COVID charts.

Given that I'm only able to obtain total cumulative numbers.  Can one take the cumulative data and make it a daily amount .  So is it possible to take a value from day i and subtract it from day i-1?  If day i is 10 and day i-1 is 7, the vertical bar would be 3.  

Another chart is the 7 day moving average.  Is it possible to take day i daily amount and average it with the previous 6 days daily amount to produce a line chart.  And overlay these two.


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