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Is this a bug in Hub API Explorer

04-11-2023 11:40 AM
Occasional Contributor III


I've been testing out the API Explorer available from a Hub search result (I want to use this > View API Resources > Open in API Explorer), and i think i've found a bug in that the 'Get Response' button does not use the 'Return Geometry' param selected in the Output Options. Specifically, i can select the 'Return Geometry = False' button, but the Geometry is returned when i click 'Get Response'

There's a lot going on in the screen shot, but note that

  • the Return Geometry option is set to false
  • 'returnGeometry=false' in the Query URL text area
  • the JSON returned after clicking 'Get Response' contains the geometry element
  • in chrome DevTools, the query params listed in the Network traffic page shows returnGeometry=true


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