Is it possible to change the link text color of a category outside of changing the theme link color?

06-14-2017 07:32 AM
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I've attempted to change the theme color to what I want the category links to be, and then coded the other links back to the original theme color. This is not a method I want to pursue, as there are far more "other" links than there are category links.

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We are currently working on adding the ability to set the category link colors individually, so they don't have to take the link color.


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Additionally, if you don't mind using a bit of CSS, you can change your category link color via embedded <style></style> tags that you can add to any text card in your homepage layout. This would allow you to specifically target the category link color, while maintaining your theme link color for all other links. The text card containing the CSS does not have to be in the same row as the category icons. You can append the CSS to any text card you might already have added to your homepage. Your CSS would look like this:

.category-panel a,
.category-panel a:hover,
.category-panel a:focus {
color: #003580;

If you want the category icon to be a different color than the link, you'd still want to set that per icon using the color picker on the Category Settings, which is what I did in the image below. I set the icon to green, and then used my CSS to change the link to blue.

screenshot of green icon with blue link positioned next to text card showing inlined CSS