Inconsistent layer behavior in Open Data

02-02-2015 09:08 AM
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I have several Open Data issues that do not seem to have any documentation on how to resolve.....all related to whether content is appearing in my list of items.

I have my services registered as map image layers and even then they do not all appear in Open Data as available layers for search/download. All data are created and shared the same. So even if a map service as one layer or many layers, it may or may not appear in Open Data.

So then I try and follow the advice from the Open Data webinar......

"create a single map service then register each individual layer as an item in ArcGIS Online. With a single hosted map service, you can more easily control resource utilization on your server. With each layer registered as an individual item, you have control over metadata related to each layer in ArcGIS Online."

When I try and register each layer , such as http://mysite/arcgis/rest/services/layer/mapserver/0 I cannot see these in Open Data.

If the individual layer is a feature layer in 'my content' it does not appear in the data list, but DOES appear on the 'data report' tab. Help states "Open Data supports Feature Layers from ArcGIS Online Hosted Feature Services, as well as ArcGIS for Server Feature and Map Services with the Query capability enabled"

If the individual layer is a map service layer that has been edited to add the '/0' part of the URL, it may or not show up, and if it shows it may or may not be correct (as in both layers show same name but have different feature layer IDs)

Is the Open Data platform really so unpredictable? I am searching for best practices or something that shows how each element (service description, registered layer details, etc) is used by Open Data but I have found nothing- honestly the documentation is skeletal at best, no details no explanation other than 'do this and see the magic happen.' I cannot feel good about sharing my data with our partners and the public if they cannot see the data as I intend it to be shown and shared. I need guidance on how to prepare my data and services to be consumed in AGOL and Open Data in a consistent way

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Hi Starlene,

With the number of issues you are having, I recommend that you contact support. They can help you work through issues you can resolve on your own and then escalate to the development team if necessary.

Here is the number for support: +1-888-377-4575

Sorry you are having problems with your site, we will work together as a team to fix them.

Daniel Fenton

Product Engineer | Open Data

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Thanks for the reply. I have a support request in and will speak with my rep shortly. with any luck I will be put in touch with your office since you are only across the river from me

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