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I can't seem to connect my Category cards on the Hub site to the Hub content library. What am I doing wrong?

02-11-2021 10:17 PM
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Hi, I am attempting to create an Open data hub for my workplace. I currently have a basic site with some category cards. I have content that I can see in the Group content and I am using the Category Query option for the category cards. BUT for some reason the datasets don't appear in the content library page when I click on the categories. 

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Hello Georgia. If you are using multiple groups to organize the content in AGOL, then it's possible you just need to add those additional groups into your hub site's Groups Manager first. The items should then appear in your Content Library of the initiative manager. Does this help?

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Hi Alex, Thank you for replying back to me. I think I already have items in the content library of the initiative manager. The content is all available to the public already. But it doesn't come through on the hub site when I view the published site.

I can see the items when I go to the content library (see image below)


and I have used the category query on the hub site (see below)


I then save and publish the site. I view the published site and click on the category that I edited and get this saying that there are no results. Even when I reset the filters.


Any feedback is helpful thank you






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Hi Georgia, 

Were you able to find a solution to the issue? I'm having exactly the same problem. 


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