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12-03-2018 02:10 PM
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I am just getting started with a Hub site and we have other groups within our organization that also maintain a Hub site. This is all great, my question is, can I invite Team members to help and contribute to my Hub site while protecting the content of the other groups site?  Once I add a team member they automatically have access to all the Hub sites, is there a way I can restrict them to just 1 Hub site for editing and content management?

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As you noted, the app isn't really intended to work this way but it is possible. 

  • As the admin (or the user who you want to own the sites), create the sites
  • Add all the editors to the Sites team (they have access to edit everything at this point as you mention)
  • Unshare the sites you only want "individual editors" for from the Hub Administration Group
  • If the admin was the original creator and wants to extend individual edit access they can either....
    • change the owner of the site item to the target user
    • create another group with update, invite the target user, and share the site to the new update group

Alternatively, all initiatives by default come with their own team which can be a useful way to do this as well

* create a new initiative for each site

* create a site within the initiative ("New From Template" button) 

* add members you want to the team for that initiative

Result: only members of each initiative team have access to each site.