Hub Site Story Map Data Display Issue

07-22-2021 08:37 AM
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My organization recently launched an ESRI ArcGIS Hub ( A storymap is housed on the homepage of the hub site. Within the story map there are six tabs, each built from a standalone web app and web map. The issue we are having involves the second tab titled “Surface Water”. On this tab it appears that all of the data points are not showing up. I’ve traced the issue backward from the Hub Site to its components > Story Map > Web App > Web Map and the data only appear to go missing at the Hub Site level. Does anyone have a possible explanation to why this is happening? Any input welcomed and thanks. (images included below)

HUB WEBSITE: (Most recent datapoints do not show up)


STORYMAP: (All data points show up)


WEB APP: (All data points show up)


WEB MAP: (All data points show up)




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