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Hub Gallery cards disappear on iPad

06-15-2023 02:29 PM
New Contributor

I brought my iPad to show off my latest education project using ArcGIS Hubs (a collection of 5 separate hubs for one initiative).

However, ALL of the gallery card sections had DISAPPEARED! (tried both Safari & Chrome)

See iPad screenshot below and visit project site.

Is this a known issue?
Do I need to note this on all my hubs before widely launching this project?


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This could be an issue with the screen size and resolution. Ideally if any of your other colleagues have Apple devices they can test this.

If you can reproduce this issue on a blank hub site with just the gallery cards inserted then I would recommend raising this as a Technical Support case as it could be a defect.

Esri UK -Technical Support Analyst
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I'm using a Gallery card and having no issues on any of the iPads i have at home.

One is an older device and one is about 1.5 years old, but both are up to date on releases from Apple.



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We've been looking into this and while initially I could reproduce on an Android tablet, my version of Chrome was two years out-of-date and updating to the latest version fixed it.

If you are still having this issue, could you please let us know the model and screen resolution of the tablet you are using as well as the version numbers for Safari and Chrome?

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