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05-09-2022 12:38 PM
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Has anyone created a map view of data in ArcGIS Hub? Beyond listing datasets when browsing data, an option to view in a map and add datasets that are on this Hub site would be helpful. I am considering doing this manually with either Web AppBuilder or Experience Builder but neither have a focused option to add data from this Hub. If anyone has done something like this already, please share, I'd love to see examples!

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@PGebhardt_Stone_Env Users could do this from map viewer and adding desired layers? Or do you mean something else?

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@Waffle_House right, that is an option, but users would have to type what they are looking for and search all of ArcGIS Online. I suppose they could also perhaps search for my username, though that seems a bit clunky too. I would like a curated option to browse and add data just from my Hub site. Further, an option to download data from that map would be a nice feature.

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@PGebhardt_Stone_Envthanks for the idea. We're currently working on a number of usability improvements for the search/browse experience. We intend to roll them out throughout the next few months. We're going to try them out on a new view for searching specific content types first, and then bring them to the existing search/discover experience.

I have a few questions on desired functionality. What exactly would you want to see on the map? Hub could represent boundaries for content, individual records, etc.
Also, are there other actions you'd like from a search/discover experience besides downloading?

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@ThomasHervey1 That's great to hear! 

For context, I am looking to replace the map on the "View" tab of New York's Geographic Information Gateway, which is a custom application created a number of years ago. Here is the link: (The map isn’t showing properly currently, but the main functionality can be seen). I like the ability to easily browse data spatially and display multiple layers on the same map.

Functionality I would like:

  • Show the feature layer’s symbology by default instead of the default blue color
  • Show the feature layer’s labels, if configured (see the example attached)
  • Change transparency
  • Change the order of features
  • Download directly from the map rather than having to go to another page to download
  • Browse layers and add them to the map in the same view. As Hub functions currently, once a user adds a dataset to a web map from the Hub, they need to Add Data and search all of ArcGIS Online for the content that they want from my Hub. Or is there another way to add multiple datasets from my Hub to the same web map easily?

In thinking about current available options to replace this map, I am thinking of the Web AppBuilder or Experience Builder. Web AppBuilder has an Add Data widget, though I wish I could curate the content to show just what is available in this Hub. Since Web AppBuilder isn’t fully compatible with the new Map Viewer, I would consider using Experience Builder, though Experience Builder doesn’t have an Add Data widget yet. I also considered either option with all the data already in the map, but we have around 700 datasets, which would be too much to maintain in a web map.

Thank you!

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@ThomasHervey1 having the map preserve visibility ranges would also be great!

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We are also looking for an experience in Hub that allows the user to generate a map from the data listed in the content library, which has been curated by our organization. This is almost like a shopping cart experience, where a user can say I want to see A,B,C layers from this organization's Hub and add them to a map to view them together. 

Right now, Hub only offers the Explore view to see a single layer in the content library. We are also waiting for the Experience Builder to provide the Add Data Widget to get around this. But, I believe it would be very valuable for Hub to provide a shopping cart like experience so that Hub users can choose what they want to see together in a web map. This would be a lot easier and smoother than the user creating a web map and searching for the items in a long list of layers from all over the world/living atlas.

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