Hub Basic Invalid client_ID error at sign in

05-03-2021 10:43 AM
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I'm working on my first Hub Basic site and have run into an 'Invalid client_id' error (see attached) when attempting to login to the Hub site directly via the site address. The Hub site is shared to a group within an organization and does not have a custom domain. I can access the site when navigating to it from the group contents page or if I am already signed into a group member named user account and then open the Hub site address in a new browser tab, but not if I navigate to the site address without already being signed in to AGOL.

After creating the site, I ran into the "Cannot save domain changes" error when I updated the site name in the default URL, but was able to fix that following the solution from this post: Cannot save domain changes solution 

Before finding that solution, I had unregistered the Hub site as a troubleshooting attempt, but have since re-registered it. Following some additional research, I see that the Hub site App ID is not included in the sign in pop-up URL ( https...). The missing App ID in that URL seems to be causing the Invalid client_id error since I can manually add the App ID to the sign-in pop-up URL ({AppID}&response_type...) and the Sign In screen works as expected. 

Is there a way to re-link the new App ID with the site to fix this sign in error?

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