HTML code for Open Data page?

10-16-2017 12:51 PM
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I am working on a new version of our open data portal that is mostly HTML coded. I am having troubles with a few things we want to do and am looking for some help.  If you can help on the following items, please let me know!

1. I've added navigation tabs to the header using HTML.  I would like to have the page a viewer is currently on to be highlighted.  Is this possible and if so, what code can I use?  I've tried several pieces of code I was able to find, but none have worked.  

2. We want to add glyphicons for our social media links with the appropriate glyphicons based on what site we're linking to.  Has someone done it before?  I am trying to get them in the header, but footer would be good too. 

Thank you!!!!

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