How to stop gallery web part from opening map under hub site header?

09-18-2020 05:46 AM
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I have a gallery web part with links to apps. When click on that app, whether "open in new tab" is selected or not, it opens with the hub site header bar above it.

I don't want that, as each of our apps has a very similar header; it now looks redundant. Users can access our apps from our main website ( so we need to keep the branded header within the app itself.

There's no option to edit the source code of the gallery web part, either. Help?

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I also tried switching off App Page setting but this didn't make any difference. Any link within a Gallery opens in a  new tab but has that site header' at the top. To me, this is wasted real estate and also confuses the user because it presents another search bar and other fluff not that's not useful. 
The workaround I have is to abandon the "Gallery" and recreate the gallery using a Text Box instead but this is extra work and makes it less dynamic. 

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I am also having the same issue





Everything off, republished, opened in incognito and it still shows the header.  Help?

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