How to notify administrator of community member account created

07-29-2021 11:36 AM
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Hello, we are setting up a workflow in hub and Power automate for users to request community accounts in AG Hub Premium. There is a survey with a webhook and an Approval step that sends approved requesters a link to create a community account in the hub. Technically anyone with the sign-in link and an email could create an account, but we are only sending the link to approved requesters and not public facing resources. We would like to be notified when a user creates a community account so they could be added to the supporting group for the initiative. We don't want anyone who creates an account to be added to the team (due to the sign-in link access described above). Is there any way to do this or something similar? Is there any action that could be performed by a user via the hub interface that would/could trigger a notification to the admin? We also have the Hub API installed and working in Jupyter Notebooks, not experts but I don't see any way to do it through that means either. Any help or information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, cob

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Same question here, we would like the community admin to be notified of a new community member sign up so the admin can assign the new member to specific supporting group(s).

Any suggestions would be much apreciated!