How can I make View Metadata button in Open Data always open the Item Details page?

06-21-2017 07:47 AM
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initially, all of my Open Data layers would open the Item Details page when a user would click View Metadata on the layer download page, which I liked because the AGOL item details are nicely formatted and have the basic information about the layer right there and easy to read, along with the nice thumbnail.       But I discovered that once I view the detailed metadata in XML, Open Data would then go to that instead when the View Metadata button is clicked.        Is there any way to revert it back to opening the Item Details page instead of the very messy and hard to read XML file when a user clicks on View Metadata?

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This change made the RSS feed in the item details page essentially unavailable to Open Data users, which was how they could get notified if they cared about changes I make to the items I share.  Typically schema changes (URL, fields, etc.) or item ID changes will bust people's stuff, so I thought it would courteous, if not full on ITIL Service Operation adherent, to let them know ahead of time.

It would be nice for Esri to re-expose the RSS feed in the Open Data item presentation page.  I guess I'm headed over to "ideas" to see what happens...


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I have disabled the 'standards based' metadata in the Items settings. 
However, I still have two or three Open Data datasets which open the 'standards based' metadata page rather than the Item Page.
Is there anyway I can change a dataset to open the Item Page - without recreating it.

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