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How can I make an ArcGIS Hub page public but the ArcGIS Hub Site Home private?

03-06-2023 07:59 AM
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I'm looking to create a new ArcGIS Hub for my organization. I want to have a page available to the public to inform, but do not want the majority of pages (including Hub Site Home) available publicly. So far I've only been able to make the Hub Site Home available publicly and (sub)pages private but not the other way around.

I'm currently using ArcGIS Hub Basic.

The documentation below makes me believe this is possible but it hasn't been working quite as expected.

ArcGIS Hub documentation - Set view and edit access 



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Hi @JoshuaCarver-Brown1 

Thanks for raising this issue. I can recreate the behaviour you are seeing.

My understanding is that the Home page will need the sharing setting to match the most widely shared page. This is not made clear in the documentation..

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@JoshuaCarver-Brown1  to be honest, I think you simply need to redefine your design thought process a little - it seems a little muddled;

 - You want a public page to inform. So how do the public actually find this page if the hub home is not a publicly available? How do you intend to promote it?

- This "inform" page is going to describe content that's not available to the public, so what are you actually going to tell them?

First off, is a page the right choice, is making the Hub Home not public also the right choice?

If you're wanting to inform the public about something, use a StoryMap, Experience, or other ESRI based app. Easy to do and you don't have to worry about promoting something that's giving you sharing issues.

If it were me, I'd design my Hub Home to be accessible by all - this is public and internal stakeholders. Makes it easy to set out your stall, inform, and guide. If it's a member of the public you can have your inform page clearly linked, so they get the experience you intend. For logged in organisational users, they know what to expect.

I've deployed this with our internal Data Catalogue; the home page is public so users that don't currently have an account can see what topics are covered in the content, how to "connect" etc etc. It means I can try and promote the catalogue's usefulness as a resource. Within the catalogue I have public "help" and "about" pages.

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