How can I embed a survey 123 form in ArcGis HUB?

03-18-2020 02:32 PM
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Hi Im trying to embed a form in Hub but Im having some troubles.

1. When I put the form in an iframe, it shows the sign in bar and I dont know how to hide it.

2. If I put the form in a text card with the code that the survey123 online app provide us when you want to embed in a HTML but it doesnt work propertly. It works inside the text card, but when I save the page in Hub and I put view it doesnt work.

How can I embed correctly my form ? I mean without the sign in bar.

Thank You.

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Hi Dario Peña Mena‌ please use the Survey Card to embed Survey123 applications in Hub.  Other embed methods do work; however, the Survey Card allows you to configure the styling of the embed, such as the sign-in bar being displayed or not.

Simply drag a Survey Card on screen, select the survey you'd like to embed, and ensure the cards is set to "Embed" mode.  From there you'll have options to configure your embed visual further.

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Hi @BrianRollison 

My ArcGIS Online Hub embedded survey worked fine until today. I had a minimal aesthetic with the "Black and White Theme" with the header, description and footer hidden. Today these settings are all being ignored. I don't see a way to embed my survey using the URL parameters instead to hide the header etc. I could remove these items from the survey itself, but want them there if the survey is accessed on it's own. Cleared browser cache, tried Firefox & Chrome, and tried different surveys. All same behavior.




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