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HillShade (Raster Function) keeps on crashing

05-17-2023 04:54 AM
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Hello, I'm using ArcGIS Pro (v. 3.0, have not upgraded yet) and I convert my DEM file (.tif) to using Hillshade Raster Function (multivariate with Z=2) However recently my created Hillshade keeps losing its link to rhe source file after a single layout. Each time I have to re-create the hillshade and it becomes a nuisance after several layout prints. Some of my friends who have upgraded to 3.1.1 are having a similar problem but they do not use hillshade layers as intensely as I do so it is not yet annoying them. 


In the past I was able to create a hillshade layer and keep it as is until I was done with my project, for months on end. Now it can't even survive a single layout print.


Does anyone have any idea what might be the problem? Or anyone who experienced it found a solution that works?

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