Hide Ownership on ArcGIS Hub Site

07-14-2021 05:04 AM
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Our organization is hoping to show the Organization Name as the author for all of our hub site features, surveys, apps, etc. rather than the items owner, but I am not finding a way to do that. I have tried to edit the metadata on individual layers, but nothing seems to work. Is there any way to do this? 




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If you have a spare user license, you can always create an account for your organization. For instance, we have a user "kendall_gis", whose full name appears as Kendall County GIS.

- Josh Carlson
Kendall County GIS
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I did think about that, I was hoping there was another workaround that did not require changing the ownership of all of the items in the hub. 

-Matt Adams

Flagler County GIS

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@MattAdams please open an idea for content ownership configurability in the ArcGIS Hub Ideas board.  We've been thinking about methods to address this after observing multiple cases of a "proxy user" as @jcarlson suggests.