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04-13-2021 11:32 AM
by Anonymous User
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Hello!  I am trying to build/maintain a large federated search with more than 100 groups being added through the Groups Manager. I am running into some issues that hopefully can be addressed.

1. Search limit - there appears to be a cap of searchable group at 10,000. There are some open data groups that I want to add but are not searchable - presumably because outsde of the first 10,000 results.


2. Search keywords - When you search for a group by keyword, it only searches the title. This is problematic as several organizations use the generic "Open Data" title - thus you can to check and open each one to find the group you want. Ideally you should be able to also search by description, group ID number, owner, tags, etc. to narrow the search better.

3. Limit in listing groups - If you have more than 100 groups, you are able to view items 1-100, but there is no way to go to the next page to see items 101 and beyond.

4. Sorting listed groups - It would be beneficial to sort the groups in your groups manager (e.g. alphabetical order). It seems the groups are listed randomly.

Hopefully these issues can be addressed.  Thanks!


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