Filter problem in redesigned content pages "Open Data"

06-08-2021 12:58 PM
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Presently, I am experiencing problems with the redesigned content pages “open data” after ArcGIS Hub was updated/redesigned. The filtering tool/functionality is not working in the same manner in the “Redesigned Hub” as it did in the "Old Hub"

Prior to the hub redesign/update I used to be able to copy and paste a list of 12-digit PINs, separated by comma & space into the filter box, and filter the entire parcels dataset.  Now I can only filter the PIN NUMBER column by entering one PIN at a time.  Entering more than one returns “No results.”  Same for filtering within New Map Viewer and Map Viewer Classic.

Was the ability to copy/paste numerous values into the filter removed or deprecated in the new redesigned hub? Or did the Filter Tool get broken in the redesigned content pages?

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Thanks for reaching out and for providing this feedback. We are reviewing some enhancements to the new filtering experience and will consider this case for inclusion in the backlog. To clarify -- are you only using comma separators for numeric fields?

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