*Feature Service Sublayers are no longer found through Hub Search and Discovery in new Explore Search*

02-02-2024 11:07 AM
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1) Hub is no longer splitting Feature Service sublayers (Feature Layers) out as individual items that display as a search result.

2) When an end-user enters a search term for, or title of, a Feature Layer they receive an error message, "No results found." 


We would prefer to have a search/discovery request for the Feature Layer, return the parent Feature Service.

For Example: When you click on the Feature Layer inside the Search Result of a parent Feature Service as is shown in the screenshot:

  1. BLM Alaska Public Land Survey System (PLSS) Cadastral National Spatial Data Infrastructure (CadNSDI)
    1. KristenWobbe1_1-1706900023776.png
  2. Clicking on the Feature Layer, says it is “Part of” the Feature Service which is nice,
    1. KristenWobbe1_2-1706900164127.png
  3. But…what about discovery of the feature layers (?): ESRI said, “In the future Hub will be working on a way to indicate layers within an item, which will be searchable.”
    1. Question, "What is the timeframe for deliver of this?

In summary:.

 CLASSIC Search example: When searching on a multi-layer Feature Service, both the parent Feature Service, and the children Feature Layers are discoverable.

New EXPLORE Search example: Search doesn’t include Feature layers (sublayers). Now when searching for the Feature Layer, only Feature Services are discoverable, EXPLORE Search is not looking for Feature layers anymore, the sublayer cannot be found/discovered, where we think it used to return the Parent Feature Layer when first rolled out in Beta.




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