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08-25-2020 01:55 PM
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Hi every one! 

I am new with arcgis Hub, I am trying to do a new Hub, I already have my hub page, I can see it in a view mode, but when I want  edit my page I have this message: "ERROR 404: We sorry. We've done a full search and haven't found what you were looking for."

Until 2 hours ago I can edit it, but now I can´t. Someone knows why? what I have to do to edit my hub page??

Thanks a lot!

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My organization is also experiencing this issue. A member of the hub team was in an edit session to update some of the content on that particular site, but when they went to save they got a 404 message. I am now getting the error as well when I try to edit the site. We have another site and it is still working so far.

I have tried different browsers and using InPrivate sessions to clear any caches or cookies.

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we just rolled our release back and are working to address the root cause. 

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