E-mail link from embedded web app doesn't work on mobile devices

02-22-2021 12:32 AM
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Good morning,

I have created a web mapping application using WebAppBuilder that has a pop-up containing a hyperlink to an e-mail address.  When clicked, this link opens up a new e-mail on the device used (give or take local settings). All is fine within the app itself, but when it's inserted into a Hub page the hyperlink fails to call the new e-mail when used on mobile devices (I've only tested using iPhones and iPads so far).  I've tried inserting it using a iFrame card and the Application card but neither method works.  For now I've reverted to using the Map card with the underlying web map, which lets the popup hyerlink work, but means we have reduced functionality in the map.  Normal web-links in the popups seem to launch a new browser window ok regardless of the card type.

We've used this setup before and it's a key bit of an important workflow we use for workign with the public. I have a feeling it used to work, although I'm not 100% certain.  

I was wondering if this was intended or a bug?  If the latter, what would be the best way of getting it logged with ESRI?  

Any help anyone could offer would be much apprieciated.


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