Downloading Rasters from ArcGIS Hub Site

04-26-2021 06:40 PM
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My team and I have uploaded many rasters to our Hub site, but there seems to be no way to download them. Is this a feature that's available?

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Download is available for items of type “Image Service”. If you visit any of these you will see a download drop down on the right side of the page below the map:

Download is not available for raster layers of a map service.
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Is there a way to download image services that are georeferenced? I cannot find an option that enables georeferenced download capability. Thanks

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Although it's an old thread, the "Image Service" type layer is not capable to sharing with the public, only at organization level, thus defeating the purpose to allow to download. Hub should allow to download ANYTHING with an external link. For feature services works great but for rasters (usually tiled services) works halfway (visualization only.)



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