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05-19-2017 07:52 AM
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Is it possible to download a full resolution raster file from an image service that is shared on open data?    I have a shared image service, but when I try to download it to a TIFF in open data, all I get is a 770 KB veeeerrrrry low resolution image (actually just looks like a screen shot of the raster, although it is georeferenced).   A screen shot file is attached.      Or can it be done somehow just in an AGOL map or app or something?   

**Also as an added note, I can download the full raster from an image service keeping it in its native format (.SID) using ArcMap as long as there's no clipping, so it would be really nice to have it work that same way in AGOL so that users can access the original compressed image from the image service rather than a gigantic TIFF. 

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I have the same issue - we are hosting data on arcGIS for server (which does not come cheap), sharing it on the open data site publicly, with thousands of people who are all complaining to me that the download is absolutely worthless. This is shocking to me - the drop down menu when you download clearly says "full dataset." What are we hosting then? I have changed the maximum image size request on the server, which people have recommended but this does not work - the download is basically the lowest resolution possible and completely useless.

I am absolutely shocked that the open data site is so misleading! It seems there is no way for people to download data without having arcGIS (to open the image service and export it). We work in developing countries, many of which do not have access to ESRI  -will we have to switch all our data to a geonode server then? what a headache!

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Our service consumers often ask the same question.  Direct answer: No.  Indirect answer yes.  A few options:

(1) Consume the image service in an ArcGIS Desktop client (ArcMap or ArcPro).  From within the client, the user can access client based tools to download rasters.

(2) Access the service URL and construct a query to download rasters following the instructions for the Esri REST API.

(3) Create an application to allow raster tile downloads.  There are a few web app builder templates that may work.

(4) Workaround this limitation with a hybrid solution of your own making.  Here's what we did:

Maine Orthoimagery Regional 2017 (Imagery Layer) NOTE:  The Orthoimagery Download and Discovery App under the Tile Download Link URL in our description leads to an Esri Mature Support code base Web App that is really unsupported.   We're looking into options to replace it but haven't a clear direction yet.  Esri Excalibur is under consideration.

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Where would one start to deploy option 2 in say a custom widget for a web app?

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