Data Filtering in Collector

06-08-2017 01:24 PM
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Using Collector, is there a way to filter changed data in the field?  What I'm after is having a Project (shown as a colored polyline in or along a project area ... example would be grading of a certain section of road) remain visible until the project is complete.  Once completed, technician will initial and enter the date.  Once date is entered, I'd like the polyline to disappear.  Data will remain but the visual will will be gone.  Should allow me to build a database of what is done in a particular area over time without getting a "busy" map.  In the Map View in AGOL, I can filter for Date Is Not Blank.  Does not seem to come across to Collector.  Any Suggestions?

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I've been asking about filtering data as well.  My field workers collect an inordinate amount of data, most of it overlapping, in remote Alaskan communities that have no internet access.  Filtering data by attribute in Collector would increase its functionality immensely.  Last year my field crews used paper maps rather than using Collector for data collection.  This year I've got them using offline areas, one for each data point.  It's clunky, but at least they can see the data they are working with.  I'm honestly not sure how it will work, since our field season starts in January.  Having to deal with upwards of 50 offline areas on each iPad seems overwhelming.  So I believe my organization will be looking for another method of field data collection for next year.  Collector is simply barely usable for our purposes.

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