Configure layer symbology for items displayed in Open Data

01-22-2015 09:18 PM
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Is it currently possible? Or a likely future enhancement?



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Hi Tobias,

This is not currently possible. It is something we have considered as a future enhancement. There is no current timeline for implementation. Could you tell us a little more about what you are interested in?

Do you want to carry through symbology that you have set at the desktop level? Or are you looking to set up Open Data specific configurations? Any additional thoughts you have around this feature request will be considered. They'll help us evaluate and prioritize the request.



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Thanks for the quick reply. Ideally I could configure some properties for each layer at the Open Data site level.

These layer properties (or "Dataset" properties, I suppose) would ideally include:

- Symbology (include point clustering option)

- Labeling

- Pop-up formatting (similar to web-map formatting options)

- Pop-up functionality (i.e. view attachments, query related records)

- Timeslider (i.e. for temporal data it would be really slick to optionally pop open a timeslider instead of using the filter functionality)

Some background:

I am prototyping an open data site primarily for motor vehicle count data (also include other traffic count data). One point location --> 100's of observation events (for example, one count record for every hour that the counting devise was installed in that place). Currently the best I can do is to create a sql-view that creates a point for every observation event. So I end up with many intersecting points "on top of each other", which is perfectly logical but a bit clumsy for data discovery. So giving clues via symbology, for example, would make it more user friendly.\\

Thanks Daniel, I very much appreciate you keeping folks informed via these forums!

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Just want to echo Tobias's question and add support to this implementation. Not being able to change open data's symbology seems such a basic oversight in terms of site functionality when publishing and presenting data. I won't go as far as what Tobias is looking for, as I think certain elements need to be kept simple, and if wanting to present data in a more feature rich way, then just publish an app or map (you shouldn't want to control pop-ups at a basic open data level), however, I do think we should be able to change symbols, colours, and effects. 

For example; I want our citizens to see a consistent, or familiar, view of our data. On our public website we may have title deed info, or road operations, this data can be also available in open data, and I'd want the public to see that consistent symbolised view.

I will say, when you see the Hub Blog showing symbolised points you wonder if it's all "fake news" 🙂



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