Combine 'and/all' and 'or/any' in a tag-based search for content

02-26-2020 12:29 PM
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Is there a way to combine 'and' and 'or' in a single tag-based search in Hub?  For example, i want to search for content that contains all the tags 'transportation, economy, safety' OR contains the tag 'reference'.  

I can create a tag-based search URLs like




which work as expected. But i can't figure out a way to combine those two queries into a single one. I was thinking/hoping that something like 


might work, but not yet. 

Simply adding the tag 'reference' to the "all" search term is too restrictive because not every layer is a reference layer; and adding all the tags to the "any" search term is too inclusive.....

Thanks for any suggestions 

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