Change Management and Hub Backups

10-21-2022 01:42 AM
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I have a large-scale public facing complex Hub hosting mainly dashboard content that is being continually updated. 

Are there any suggested workflows that cover change management and backups of the Hub, apart from taking clones and copying everything?

The current setup is to run a duplicate (cloned) Hub with corresponding content on a totally separate AGOL environment. While this offers a pre-production and secure live environment, with the volume of content we have, the workflow is cumbersome and I wanted to reach out to see what other approaches are out there. 

Can the new beta-assistant offer me any additional support here? I haven't found much documentation with regard to its capabilities and Hub. Can I use this to take regular json copies of the Hub without cloning the entire site?

Interested to hear what approaches others are taking.  

Many thanks in advance! 

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We just deployed an Initiative that took almost a year to complete and has over a hundred pages.  I used the ArcGIS Assistant to download the JSON and resources for the very important pages and pages that would take a while to recreate.

This could be done using the Python API if you plan to do it regularly.

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