Can we track which user downloaded which dataset

09-02-2021 02:29 PM
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Hey there.

For our Hub Site we have several layers that can only be downloaded thru a 'subscription', so a user has to log-in to the site and be a member of the appropriate Group to access those layers.  Is there a way to track which 'subscription' users downloaded which data, and how many times they downloaded it?


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@Trippetoe good question, not at this time with the out-of-the-box tracking supplied by ArcGIS Hub.  This tracking is fully anonymized and can be configured to be turned off completely by both the site manager or the view ("Reject" tracking consent).  This ensures Hub is compliant, by default, with privacy regulations domestically and internationally.

We are working to provide better per-item dashboard and telemetry information, but this will remain fully anonymous for the time-being.  Feel free to log your question as an idea on the ArcGIS Hub Ideas board.