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Can a Hub Application be Backed Up?

12-20-2022 11:31 AM
New Contributor III

We launched a Hub site this year that was the product of much development time and effort. It's highly customized within the bounds of the Hub setup and we're updating it frequently. The Hub site is a clearing house for state agencies to host their AGOL content on to make it more open and accessible. We are aware of non-Esri services like GeoJobe's Backup My Org and North Point's Backup Manager for AGOL, but neither of these services support backing up of Hub Sites/Pages/Initiatives.

Does anyone have workarounds for backing up Hub? North Point's Backup Manager will eventually support Hub backup, but their product doesn't backup other content types like vector tile layers and users/groups whereas Backup My Org does backup all other content types plus users/groups, but still doesn't support Hub backups.

We can get at the JSON of the Hub Sites/Pages/Initiatives by way of ArcGIS Assistant, but what can be done with a JSON file if Hub disappears somehow? If we accidentally delete the Hub from our organization, can the JSON be used by Esri to restore it?

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