ArcGIS Hub Premium events not enough sharing options

01-23-2020 02:02 PM
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Events – Events not intended for the public, but are aimed and training and organizing the supporting teams cannot be shared through hub initiative

    1. Not enough sharing options
    2. Events sharing is limited to public and core team, need ability to share events with supporting team
    3. Decided to go with Basecamp3 as a tool for sharing non-public events with supporting teams
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I came here searching for this as well! Are there options for sharing events to specific groups like you would other AGO content? @JustinPrather you're my go-to guy here 😉

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Thanks for the post, @HeatherAlbrecht, and for your reply, @DanteLee.

Currently event sharing works as Heather, noted ... 1) core team 2) organization or 3) public.

I'm capturing this feedback for consideration!

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