ArcGIS Hub Issue- Single Service with Multiple Layers(2) Showing as 3 Items

06-08-2021 09:27 AM
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Hello ArcGIS Hub Team, 

It appears that a service which has two layers within it is now showing up as three items in ArcGIS Hub (please see images below). We're unsure if this issue is from the most recent Hub or if it's by design, but it creates confusion for our audience. 

I would be happy to discuss further if you would like to set up a screen-share. 

Single Service (two layers)- 



Single Service (two layers) represented as three layers in Hub- 



Thank you, 

Amanda Huber


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To add on to this, when you are in the Feature Service page(containing the multiple layers) in Open Data the user is missing a lot of options that only appear for the layers such as "Download", "Create a Map", "Create a Story", and "View API Resources".



If separating the multiple layer service into multiple pages is intentional and is staying, a user should really be able to download both layers together in a file geodatabase and use other options that are available to the separate layers.

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Thanks for your feedback. In order to make content more easily discoverable, all public services will have their layers and tables split out into individual search results. We realize that logically this can be confusing. We're planning a middle-term enhancement where sub-layers and tables will be grouped and displayed below a service as search results.

Regarding bulk actions for multi-layer items, this is good feedback and I have added it to our backlog for consideration. Feel free to share additional ideas about bulk actions that you'd benefit from.

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