Arcgis HUB - Data downloads Not Working for Enterprise Hosted Services shared via a collaboration to HUB

02-08-2021 05:02 AM
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I see there are numerous posts with similar issues, but any responses to those post haven't helped so I have opted for a new question, but if this is in the wrong place please feel free to move the question to an alternative thread.

I have (recently installed enterprise 10.8.1 HA) and enterprise installation which I populating currently and rolling out content to a public Hub site hosted on an AGOL instance.  My Enterprise content is shared with HUB and the external AGOL instance via a collaboration and all works (so far) except for the data downloads.

I'm in experiment mode to better understand whats going on and to see where my issues lie, however its gotten frustrating so I wonder if there is anybody could explain where I'm going wrong or indeed tell me its not going to work the way I'm trying..  Any help is really appreciated...

My test so far is a

* Polygon Feature Service created on AGOL and shared publicly and with the hub content group with no editing capability but with sync capability . Once shared this layer pops up in hub as expected and for the first time when you go to download it doesn't show the feature preview (not a major issue) its says maximum feature count exceeded (but there is only 4 or  5 polys in the service), when you access the data down load options it presents with options to access the 5 formats which are all in the process of generating the files .... you cannot access anything here until its finished - mind took 8 or 10 hours before it refreshed ... Is this normal? - however once refreshed all works I can download and I can preview the features in the UI. I'm happy with this to a degree - the initial creation takes way to long - the API query tools can create the json file in seconds, but its obviously doing something more substantial in the background - but should be quicker, if the data changes you have the option to download the most recent file or fetch the new data - this has never returned for me within a session - should it ?  crude example AGOL HOSTED FEATURE LAYER


 * Polygon Feature Service created on ENTERPRISE - created in the same way, sync on no edits and shared publicly and to the collaboration group. It performs as the example above - no preview etc. When I go to downloads - it starts to generated the file - but never completes - every time I revisit the page it says the file does not exist.   Leave it for long  enough and when you refresh the features are visible in the UI- but the downloads still will not work .. crude example   Enterprise Hosted Feature Layer

I've looked in the browser debugger - but see no obvious errors,  I've looked on the Enterprise manager logs in debug mode and cannot see any definitive cause ..... 

Can anybody suggest a way forward, solution or observation please



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Hello @Department_of_Communications__  I've have the same issue and I haven't find out a solution. Could you solve the problem?

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