ArcGIS Administrator not working on Windows 10 ARM64 (Surface Pro X)

01-11-2020 09:58 AM
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I can run ArcMap 10.7 on a Surface Pro X (which has ARM64 chip, running Windows 10) while connected to our institution network. But I want to run it offline in the field on the tablet. ArcMap seems to run OK (not super smooth but usable) with the built-in emulator for 32-bit programs. However, ArcGIS Administrator does not work properly. I have an active single-use (Advanced) licence, and I can run the activation process all the way to the end (I even get the message the the activation in complete), but I click 'End', and I get back to the start, and the software is not activated. Therefore I cannot run ArcMap while offline. Questions (1) will you fix this issue and (2) will you soon release an ArcMap version compatible with ARM64? thanks.

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I'm sorry that you're having problems with ArcMap, but I'm afraid you may not get a quick response in this forum as ArcGIS Hub is a Web App and we don't necessarily have the knowledge to diagnose issues with ArcMap. Have you tried posting this question in a GeoNet community more related to your topic? I don't know for certain, but you might have better success in this forum: ArcGIS Desktop Installation support. Alternatively, here is the list of all product communities in GeoNet: Product Communities

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