New GeoPlanner training course

09-01-2015 10:47 AM
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Want to learn about GeoPlanner? Check out our new web course!

The course covers all GeoPlanner fundamentals including:

  • Suitability analysis with weighted raster overlay
  • Sketching in multiple scenarios
  • Using dashboards to evaluate impact and costs
  • Scenario comparison
  • Data discovery and assessment
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Hi Robert Stauder‌,

I used to be an intern at Esri while your team started developing the GeoPlanner solution. I remember GeoPlanner as a platform full of potential and I'm looking at the possibility for my current organisation's planning team to maybe adopt it. I was wondering if you would have a recent demo/video of the platform's capabilities, as well as a good use case example? Everything I find is more than 1 year old. Thank you for your help!


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Hello Alix,

I'm glad to hear that you're planning on using GeoPlanner with your organization. Unfortunately, Rob is no longer with Esri, I work with the GeoPlanner team and I'll be happy to help you!

As of right now, there is no latest video showing the latest capabilities with GeoPlanner. There is a lesson (Get Started with GeoPlanner for ArcGIS) that teaches new users how to use GeoPlanner. This would be a good case example, as the scenario is based on a problem that our customers have ran into. There is a release coming in December with some updates and bug fixes, check out our What's New to see specific details on these updates.

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