Where are the GeoEvent Input/Output Connector properties and definitions?

02-17-2016 12:16 PM
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I've spent the better half of the day pouring through the GeoEvent documentation and have yet to find the page where the properties for each Input Connector and Output Connector that are available out of the box are defined.

For example, Poll an ArcGIS Server for Features is an Input Connector. Where is the documentation that tells me what each of the properties for that input connector mean? What about all the others? The standard documentation is super weak, it's all high-level abstraction and no meat. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong place. That happens a lot to me with the new doc site, but the search doesn't help either.

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We're running into the same problem. Where's the geoevent documentation? We've found this​, but nowhere can we find the details on how the inputs for each connector need to be formatted.



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Have you looked through the available modules? http://www.arcgis.com/home/group.html?owner=GeoEventTeam&title=ArcGIS%20GeoEvent%20Gallery&content=a...

I agree the documentation is lacking. I discovered the best method (which was not at all preferable) was to read through the modules and then try it all out myself for the different connectors, inputs, etc to see what happened.

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Hi Tiffanny,
I did look through the modules and found them very helpful, but still the documents site needs to list the properties for each connector. It's simply not good enough to say, provide a table which lists the names of the standard input/output connectors with an abstract description of what they do.

Properties must be listed. What Esri has done here is akin to saying, here's all the functions in arcpy and their parameters but not giving any of the parameter details.

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Hi John,

You are correct, the online/installed documentation does not describe the specific properties associated with every connector. Instead, tooltips are available on the property page for each connector that provides a brief description for each property (see attached image).  Hope that helps!




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Thanks Greg,

I noticed that but there should be documentation so that I don't have to remote into my Server and open up the GeoEvent Manager page and actually start to create a new connector in order to understand what everything means/is/does.

The very point of robust documentation is so that I don't have to do that. I should be able to look at the documentation and start to formulate a plan for how things need to be configured before I've ever opened or even installed GeoEvent.